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Reshape Your Smile With Gum Contouring

Your gum is responsible for how your smile looks. If you feel like your smile isn't the best it can be, you likely have excess gum tissue. You can get that perfect smile you desire through gum contouring, also known as crown lengthening, gum lifting, or gum reshaping. We can reshape your gums and make your dreams of having a perfect smile a reality. Many patients who go for dental veneers also frequently choose gum reshaping to get a more stunning and flawlessly framed smile. 

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Why Should You Go For Gum Contouring? 

  • You will be able to upgrade your gummy smile to perfect
  • Gums that are damaged by Periodontal disease will be repaired
  • Your short teeth will look longer
  • The highlight of your smile will be your teeth and not your gums
  • You will get a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence with a perfect smile
  • You have a more symmetrical smile thanks to a well-crafted even gum line

How Does Gum Contouring Work? 

During this cosmetic gum treatment procedure, we will attentively sculpt the gums and, in some cases, the bone beneath the gums to access the entire surface of the teeth. This will enable us to create a symmetrical and superb gum line that will magnificently frame your smile. If you want to reshape gumline, you should seek an experienced dentist. We have some of the best qualified and top experienced dentists in the state who reshape gumlines. 

Can Gum Contouring Also Improve Your Oral Health? 

While many people do crown lengthening intending to perfect their smile, others go for it to improve their oral health. If you have an oral health issue like a cavity beneath the gum line or a tooth fracture, your dentist can recommend that you undergo gum reshaping for restorative purposes. The procedure will reduce the tissue in the affected area, making it easier for the dentist to assess the site and recommend treatment. Additionally, the procedure will enable a more straightforward placing of long-lasting dental restoration. 

Can Gum Lifting Be a Solution for Receding Gums?

If you notice that any of your teeth look longer than the others, this can indicate that you are experiencing receding gums. Gum recession can rob the sparkle from your smile. Moreover, it can signal a more severe oral health problem that needs immediate intervention. Gum recession will also make your teeth more susceptible to developing cavities and plaque on their roots.

You might have heard simply filing your teeth at their bases to solve the problem. However, this is not true because it won't rectify the issue effectively. Gum recession can also imply that the tooth-supporting bone under the gum surface is degrading. 

What Are the Common Causes of Gum Recession? 

Receding gums can be caused by;

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Aggressive teeth brushing
  • Tooth crowding
  • Heavy and uneven biting forces
  • Genetics
  • Outward positioning of the teeth
  • Naturally, "thin" gum tissue

Keep in mind that the gum recession will be the most visible sign that you have an oral health issue. However, underneath the gum surface, there will be ongoing bone loss, resulting in tooth loss. This is why you should seek dental help as soon as you notice your gums are receding.

How Can You Treat Gum Recession? 

When you see a dentist, they will recommend soft tissue or gum grafts to treat receding gums. These will cover teeth roots and develop gum tissue where it was missing as a result of excessive gingival recession. Gum grafting will enhance the beauty of your smile while protecting your teeth's roots. Additionally, it will reduce teeth sensitivity and slow down bone loss and recession. 

What Are the Advantages of Soft Tissue Grafting? 

  • Encourages regeneration of bone growth: - It has been proven that gum tissue grafts offer long-term tooth protection while stimulating the regeneration of bone growth. 
  • Promotes health gum line: - Gum issues will negatively affect your smile and increase the risk of developing more severe oral health problems. Gum grafts will enable the development of a healthy, protective gum line and enhance your teeth's overall appearance of teeth. 
  • Provides dependable root coverage: - Exposed teeth roots increase teeth sensitivity and other serious oral health issues. Gum tissue grafts will give full coverage to your teeth's roots eliminating all risks associated with having exposed roots. 
  • Reducing tooth loss: - Gum recession results in bone loss underneath the gums, leading to tooth loss. Undertaking gum tissue grafting means no bone loss under the gums; thus, no tooth loss. 

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