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Introducing Invisalign® Teen

As a parent, you are supposed to help your teen achieve a beautifully straight smile without dealing with the challenges of wearing brackets and wires over their teeth. This is why Invisalign® Teen is a popular dentistry treatment option among teenagers. 

What are the benefits of Invisalign® Teen? 

  • The aligners are invisible to friends and classmates

Teens like to make fun of each other, and the obvious appearance of metal braces can make them get ridiculed by their friends and classmates. In contrast, an Invisalign aligner is transparent; therefore, when your teen wears them, the aligner will be invisible, and they won't be ridiculed. 

  • They can eat and drink anything

Traditional braces aren't removable; thus, there are limitations to what your teen can eat. On the other hand, the clear aligners from Invisalign are removable, allowing your teen to eat or drink whatever they wish. All they have to do is remove the aligners, eat or drink, and replace them. 

  • There are no limitations on sports and other activities

Typically, patients wearing traditional metal braces have restrictions on which sports and other physically-demanding activities they can engage in. Since invisible braces are removable, your teen will be able to play sports and engage in other activities as they wish. After the activity session, they can replace the aligner.

  • They are comfortable to wear

Most patients wearing conventional metal braces complain that it causes bleeding and discomfort. Invisalign aligners have no such effect as they are comfortable to wear since they are custom-designed to fit perfectly over the teeth. Additionally, they exert only gentle pressure on the teeth when wearing them. 

  • They are easy to care

Conventional metal braces typically require special brushing to care for them. However, clear aligners are easy to care for, and your teen can effortlessly perform their regular oral hygiene after removing them. This will go a long way in promoting your teen's oral health. 

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What are the benefits of a straight smile?


Numerous research has found that a beautiful smile increases a person's confidence, self-esteem, and overall appearance. This likely means more excellent professional opportunities and higher income levels for your teen in the future. 


Straightened teeth usually result in improved lifelong oral health. This is because they are easier to clean and are less likely to decay or chip. Additionally, straighter teeth minimize the likelihood of gum disease and gingivitis.

Your Teen's Invisalign® Journey

Step 1: Visit Us for a Complimentary Consultation

You should know that it's free and simple to find out if Invisalign® will work for your teen. All you need to do is visit us for a complimentary consultation. Our team of highly-experienced dentists will assess their oral health and establish if Invisalign® Teen is the best treatment option for their particular situation.

Step 2: We Will Develop a Customized Treatment Plan

Your teen needs a personalized treatment plan to achieve a perfect smile successfully. We will collect detailed impressions and images of their teeth to establish their Invisalign® pathway. Your teen's Invisalign treatment plan will detail the length of the treatment, the anticipated outcomes, and the financial obligations for their care. You should know that how much time it will take for the transformation they desire to manifest can be impacted by many factors. However, the typical timeline is eight months. 

Step 3: Your Teen and Their New Aligners

Before long, your teen will get their new Invisalign aligners, and we will guide them through the simple process of putting them in place. You should know that these aligners are made with BPA-free smooth plastic, and your teen can wear them comfortably for 20 to 22 hours daily. Still, they must remove them before eating, drinking, or engaging in demanding physical activities. 

Step 4: Observe the Schedule

Your teen will have to move to a new next step aligner roughly every two weeks. It's expected that their teeth will move by 1/10mm with each aligner. Consistently switching the aligner as instructed will ensure that the progress toward the perfect smile is unfailingly maintained. 

Step 5: Your teen gets to enjoy a superbly straight smile

Once your teen completes their Invisalign treatment plan, they will enjoy a stunningly straight smile. In some cases, your teen might have to wear follow-up retainers for a short time to ensure that their perfectly straight teeth remain aligned. 

Call us and schedule an Invisalign treatment complimentary consultation and get your teen started on their journey to a perfect smile. 

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