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Choosing a More Relaxing Experience at the Dentist

At The Dental Wellness Co., we're committed to providing comfortable, compassionate dental care. That's why we provide sedation dentistry as part of our devotion to exceptional service. If you or someone you know has a fear of the dentist, we can help create a personalized sedation plan to help you settle in while we perform your dental treatment.

Why You Need Personalized Sedation Dentistry

While fear-free dentistry is always our goal, sometimes oral sedation is the key to achieving it. We work with each patient to find the right balance between conscious and full sedation to find just the right approach.

Nitrous Oxide

Whether you know it as "laughing gas" or by its proper name, nitrous oxide, this sedation method is safe and leaves you conscious and mostly awake. Yet, you'll feel far less anxious and notice little of what's happening in your mouth, making the dental visit go by quickly and with less stress. You simply inhale a small amount of the gas through a face or nose mask, leading to a rapid stress-relieving response. When you're done with the dental work, the effects of the gas wear off shortly and leave you with relatively few side effects. Laughing gas can be used for routine treatments like cleanings or just for more intensive restoration procedures like dental implants.

Oral Sedation

If the idea of inhaling gas throughout the procedure makes you uncomfortable, you may find oral sedation a more appealing idea for sleep dentistry. Our dentist provides you with prescription medication that relaxes you and offers sedation without the need for an IV. This is generally a heavier form of sedation than nitrous oxide provides, so you may fall asleep during treatment or afterward. If you can take the rest of the day off for recovery, this is a great option for those more serious treatments that have you feeling anxious.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Help?

While you may be concerned that sedation makes dental work less safe, it's administered by trained professionals and offers minimal side effects or risks. The dentist will determine if you're a good candidate by screening you for any health issues before-hand. Stress from routine or serious dental care can make your blood pressure rise, so eliminating this stress with sedation can help your health in the long run. It's definitely better for your health if sedation allows you to keep decay and gum disease under control, two factors that contribute to many other chronic diseases.

How Long Does Recovery Take with Sedation?

There is a period of drowsiness and other altered behavior after sedation. The period of time needed for recovery varies depending on the method, but you will need a ride home even with nitrous oxide. Avoid drinking, driving, or operating any machinery for at least a few hours after nitrous oxide and a full day after oral sedation.

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