Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth extraction is a challenging dental surgery procedure. Unsurprisingly, many patients tell horrifying, painful stories about their experience after going to poorly qualified dentists for this procedure. However, wisdom teeth extraction doesn't have to be painful. We are highly reputable and experienced dentists specializing in wisdom tooth removal in the Chagrin Falls area. 

Do You Need To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth? 

First off, wisdom teeth are the last teeth to arrive and come out at around age 17. They are four and sit at the furthest end of your jaw; thus, they are also called the third molars. The emergence of wisdom teeth can be problematic for many patients if their mouths and jaws don't have enough room to accommodate a new set of molars. 

You likely are wondering how the impacted third molars can be problematic. To begin with, they can be a threat to your overall oral health. Additionally, they can also disrupt the alignment of your smile, damage the jawbone, cause infection, and result in many other oral issues. This is why many top-notch dentists recommend that impacted wisdom tooth or third molar be removed as soon as possible. 

What Are The Signs of Wisdom Teeth Issues? 

Since quick removal of impacted third molars is vital, it's also crucial that you are able to identify the problem quickly. Here are some common symptoms? 

  • Continuous jaw joint aches and pain
  • Bleeding, redness, and tenderness on the rear portion of your joint
  • Sharp headaches that seem to originate from the jaw joint area
  • Swelling around the jaw
  • The onset of chronic bad breath, also known as Halitosis
  • A sour taste in the mouth as a result of the bleeding where the wisdom tooth is erupting
  • Difficulty in closing and opening your mouth
  • Occasionally swollen lymph nodes around the neck

More about Wisdom Teeth Removal

Is this typically a preventative procedure? 

So far, you likely think that wisdom tooth extraction is a corrective procedure that only happens after problems have started. However, it's as much a preventative procedure as a corrective one. This means that you can have your third molars removed before their eruptions begin causing problems in your mouth and jaws. You will not be alone, as out of the over 10 million Americans who get their wisdom teeth removed annually, roughly 60% of them were elective. This means that the tooth extraction was done as a preventative procedure since it wasn't needed. 

Why should you do your wisdom tooth removal as soon as possible? 

We advise that wisdom tooth extraction for patients between 17 and 22 years be done as soon as possible. You shouldn't wait until you see the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth before going for the extraction. This is because tooth extraction for a wisdom tooth is much easier when it's still in its developmental stage since its roots aren't well set into the jawbone. However, waiting means that the wisdom teeth will continue to grow and become more placed into the jawbone. As a result, extracting it will be a more complex process. Although you can remove your wisdom teeth at any age, younger patients typically post better recovery times. 

How much does it cost? 

How much you will pay to have your third molars removed will depend on several factors. Firstly, how many of them do you want to be removed and whether you have dental insurance or not. Additionally, there is the anesthesia used, and there are other issues that could complicate the wisdom teeth extraction. When you show up for your complimentary consultation, we will issue you an estimate for the cost of your treatment and any insurance benefits you may have.

What should you expect for your wisdom teeth surgery? 

  • Sedation: - We offer sedation options to make sure you experience as little discomfort as possible.
  • The procedure: - Our top-class team of dentists will remove the wisdom teeth with careful and expert hands.
  • Recovery: - Once you awake from the procedure, you will likely feel a little dizzy. We will put you in our monitoring room and keep an eye on you until we are confident that you are okay to go home. 
  • Aftercare: - we will provide you with an aftercare guide before you leave. Your recovery time will be impacted by the procedure's extent and your age. However, you can resume most normal activities in a day or two.

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